A fine, light toning make-up that offers the advantages of an 8in1 preparation – it evens skin complexion, minimises pores and smoothes the skin. It moisturises, brightens, relieves symptoms of redness, protects against UV radiation and mattifies and softens the skin.

– it contains camouflaging mineral pigments, while, at the same time, also providing UV protection

– its specific complex of active ingredients provides a high level of moisturising and reduces fine wrinkles

– based on its high-tech composition this product is both waterproof and wear-resistant

– it is suitable for all ages and skin types and also for use in the eye area

– first apply the cream in accordance with your skin type and subsequently use the RYOR Perfecting Make-up Base, for the long-term fixing of the 8in1 make-up

-30 ml