About us

Hi, I’m Hana and I wanted to share with you my passion for Ryor natural, herbal beauty products from the Czech Republic. I have been using Ryor products since I first used them and fell in love with them 20 years ago. They come from my homeland, in the beautiful countryside of the Czech Republic, known as Bohemia. Ryor is the most popular cosmetic brand in the Czech Republic and is already sold in 21 countries worldwide.

These natural, caring cosmetics from the “Heart of Europe” have now finally arrived in the United Kingdom.

I´ve always been interested in herbs, alternative medicine, nature, beauty and a healthy lifestyle which is very close to the ethics of Ryor so this has led to the start of Bohemia Natura Cosmetics.

I look forward to providing you with advice about skincare and a healthy lifestly, and would love to the opportunity to help find the best Ryor product for you.