Development and laboratories

All the RYOR products are developed in the company’s own laboratories, which constitute its major part.

Active, efficient substances are prepared on the basis of herbal and plant extracts. Used in keeping with the modern trends in cosmetology, these substances are targeted on solving problems of the skin, body treatment and body forming. RYOR´s product development staff use active substances, raw materials and perfume components from renowned companies worldwide for the manufacture of RYOR cosmetics.

RYOR´s laboratories, including its commercial-technical control division, check the parameters of the input raw materials and intermediates as well as output values of the final products, compete with their microbiological safety.


Since the opening of the new production site in Kyšice located near Prague in 1997, equipped with new machinery, RYOR has been gradually installing new manufacturing equipment, reducing the share of manual work and the necessity of the human hand touching cosmetic products throughout the manufacturing process and product adjustment.

The entire production system is computer-controlled, from the dosing of raw materials to warehousing final products.

Testing of raw materials and final products

All products of RYOR are subjected to several test processes. The testing of products is performed on volunteers older than 18 years, for which a particular problem occurs (acne, wrinkles, pigmented spots, lack of hydration, etc). The stress microbiological tests which are carried out  to demonstrate a sufficient level of appropriate preservation and thus the microbiological safety of the product. The resulting product undergoes a safety assessment, which is done by a certified person. If the product meets the strict rules of the European commission, the evaluation of safety assessment is granted, and the product may enter the market.

  • Most of the products RYOR also pass through the dermatology tests.
  • Some of the ingredients have clinical attestation, by which their effect is guaranteed (e.g. reduction of wrinkles by up to 26%).

The final result is the evaluation of safety assessment, which confirms the the health safety of the product and the distribution on market is possible.

How is it with the testing of products on animals?

The testing of final products on animals in the European union is prohibited since 2003. The individual raw materials can not be tested on animals since 2009. For the testing of raw materials the so-called alternative methods are being used, when the raw material is assessed by validated in vitro methods (in the test-tube) or by computer modeling in silico. In RYOR’s cosmetic products extracts from endangered species of plants are not used. When choosing the ingredients in products and their production,  we are respecting the environment.

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